Tuesday, December 28, 2004

the countdown begins...

I had an interesting day yesterday. Coming in around 8ish in the a.m., i was "welcomed" into the metro with -- what else?-- traffic. Surprisingly, it was pretty light, and for a monday at that. It was a holiday, but then again, it still IS the Xmas season, so i was preparing myself for some traffic bedlam, which, happily, was not the case at all. Got to go home quicker than i expected, and i was able to get some of my errands done (get groceries, call Manila Water, etc.) before heading out to grab some lunch (no one was home yet). After some sleep i met up with Manila at the gym for some dance classes, which we totally got exhausted from. (my first day in the gym after a looong time and i end up getting all flustered and wheezy.*sigh*) We caught up on news and some chicka, finishing off the evening with some great dessert at her lola's place while watching Bowling for Columbine. I really missed hangin with her! Manila is definitely one of the gals i am so happy and proud to be friends with --- not only is she smart, sweet and sassy, she's a pretty great soccer player, and a great gal to hang out with and talk to. She can be kikay yet tough at the same time, all the while handling the change with finesse. You go gurl! :-)

+ + +

You ever get that feeling that you're missing someone so bad you count the days until you meet up again? Well, forgive me for being ultra-mushy (stop reading if you're the cynical, non-romantic type) but i have officially gotten myself into that mode. Technically, it'll be four days till my sweetie comes back from his hometown. Christmas was a blast, but now i'me eagerly looking forward to the new year, mainly because i'll be seeing him again. *sigh* Words fail me when i try to describe how much i wanna see this guy --- ok, ok, i'll stop. :-P

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